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List of internet slang expressions

Computer Networks

TOR project and OBFS proxy

WinPcap & Wireshark

Simple Client-Server utilities
Simple TCP/UDP Server
Simple UDP Client

CISCO and other stuff
GNS3 Labs
List of CISCO CBT Nuggets
CCNA - Questions and Answers
CCNP ROUTE - Questions and Answers
CCNP SWITCH - Questions and Answers
CCNP TSHOOT - Questions and Answers

Networking stuff explained
Spanning-Tree example with explanation
EIGRP message types

What website knows about you

Useful networking web tools

Windows 10

Analyza Windows 10 - pouhy terminal na sber informaci o uzivateli

Vypnete smirovani ve Windows 10 malym open-source programkem

Microsoft vynucuje Windows 10 upgrade na starsich verzich

S Windows 10 muze Microsoft blokovat nelegalni hry a hardware

Windows 7 a 8.1 sa bez suhlasu uzivatela automaticky upgraduje na Windows 10

Vo Windows 10 budu aktualizacie povinne, nebude sa im dat vyhnut

Pozor na sukromie, nova verzia Windows 10 nebude ponukat vypnutie Cortany

Velka aktualizacia Windows 10 spackala dalsiu vec, ludom prestali fungovat webkamery

Microsoft celi dalsim zalobam za nekale praktiky pri upgradovani na Windows 10

Francie oficialne varuje Microsoft: Windows 10 získava zbytecne moc dat a ohrozuje...

EFF kritizuje Microsoft za Windows 10, nerespektuje volbu a sukromie uzivatela

Na Windows 7 a 8.1 si uz aktualizacie nebude mozne vyberat, budu kumulativne

Zena za nechceny upgrade na Windows 10 vysudila od Microsoftu 10 tisic

Pozor, MS uz oficialne upgraduje na Windows 10 bez suhlasu uzivatela

Embedded systems

8051 microprocessors


Eagle - description & tutorial

Operating Systems & C++ Programming

Visual C++/MFC Tutorial
Visual C++ MFC tutorial

Process synchronization (mutual exclusion, ...)

Using Condition Variables

Games & Software

Manic Miner [like PMD 85 original]
The octopus [like old Russia digital game] (Chobotnica)

RealVNC viewer
HijackThis 2.0.2
Teamviewer 11
WinSCP 4.1.9
WinRAR 3.40
WinMD5Free 1.20